Spiritual Theology

On Spiritual Theology ... one of the things I found there, through all the spiritual writers, that is people who are concerned with bringing to fullness, in our lives, the work of Christ, and that’s the work of God the Holy Spirit, that is why it’s called spiritual theology, to bring the work of Christ to fullness in our lives. All of them agree that we can expect ourselves to be assailed by Eight Deadly Thoughts. Professor Diogenes Allen

Theology is a system of categorizing information about God right? It was for me. College was a time of learning systematic theology and everyone in heated discussions with everyone else. One needed to have the right theology. Our beliefs need to be sound. Learning is, on its own, beneficial and interesting, but the fire to set the world ablaze is from meditation and contemplation in God.

The first time I heard the term “Spiritual Theology” was with professor Allen. He was discussing how the one effect of the enlightenment. Theology changed from “how can I know and love God” to “what can I know about God.”

I am glad for both, life is less robust with only one in practice. It is in loving God that I say “yes, yes.” Thank God for the nourishment of both.