Biblical Words Related to Prayer

pray, interact, God, Prayer, Buddhist, monk, attending, Words of Truth, Sufi, attending, Becoming One with the Mentor, Benedictine, reading, meditating, praying, contemplating, scripture, practice, Lectio Divina, communication, soul, divine, divinity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Father, Son, God, Holy Spirit, Christianity, Trinity, prays, monotheistic, religion, worship, idolatry, New Testament, Jesus Christ, Hebrew, אָמַר, aw-mar', to say, call, promise, require, say, speak, דָּבַר, daw-bar', submit, answer, commune, declare, דָּרַשׁ, daw-rash', trust, follow, pursuit, search, seek, פָּלַל, paw-lal', judge, intercede, entreat, קָרָא, kaw-raw', preach, שָׁאַל, shaw-al', shaw-ale', inquire, demand, beg, Greek, αἰτέω, ahee-teh'-o, ask, desire, ἐκζητέω, ek-zay-teh'-o, investigate, crave, seek after, ἐπικαλέω, ep-ee-kal-eh'-om-ahee, invoke, ἐρωτάω, er-o-tah'-o, ρέω, interrogate, ζητω, dzay-teh'-o; endeavor, enquire, λέγω, leg'-o, πρoσεύχoμαι, pros-yoo'-khom-ahee, . supplicate, mythoughts, thoughtsofgod, thoughts of God

To me, prayer is any type of communication between the soul and God. To whom the soul prays matters, it differentiates worship from idolatry, among the greatest offenses to God. God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

It is valuable to have an understanding of the types of communication found in the Bible. This shows us the ways God has communicated to His people in the past.

Here is a list I put together of some of the words used to identify communication between God and His people through the Bible.



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