More Conversational

More conversational, wow really!

My prayer is that my conversation reveal Christ.


My personality is one which researches or verifies ideas that catch my attention, or otherwise amuse. Often my research starts with the original sources, when considering any point.  When I say any point, I mean anything. If something floats across my conscious mind, I want to research it. For these journal entries, I feel strongly that the  questions themselves are the content. My typing  conversationally on observations and considerations is enough to fulfill my desire to pass something on.

I am not sure how true I can be to this feeling. My tendencies are distant enough from a conversational style, that I believe it will be a long struggle.

My hope, as always,  is that  Christ reveal aspects of His nature. How can we make Jesus conversational yet profound.  My experience is that, as I see Christ, my will begins to changed in that area.  My prayer is that my conversation reveal Christ.

As I write this, I am expectant!