argumentum ad hominem

argumentum ad hominem (Latin) n (Logic)

  1. fallacious argument that attacks not an opponent’s beliefs but his motives or character
  2. argument that shows an opponent’s statement to be inconsistent with his other beliefs

This project intends to be an exploration of thought with the expectation of interaction with truth. Any thought can contained some truth somewhere, even if hidden, these are the objects of our analysis. argumentum ad hominem attacks the speaker and not the argument. Expect an ad hominem response. This entire community is encouraged to think and respond. As such, the community is invited to add a responses discounting ad hominem attack and critically respond to the actual thought The inconsistency aspect is not valuable pertaining to an idea but can be can be useful in analyzing consistency within a system. This seems acceptable in some instances and I would expect to see this aspect of argument crop up in the content